Logo and Trademark Usage Policy

This Logo and Trademark Usage Policy is binding on all TSC Hurricane member teams. 

TSC Hurricane is the exclusive owner of all rights, title, and interest to the trademarks “TSC Hurricane”, “TSC”, "Tulsa Soccer Club" and the TSC Hurricane logo shown on this page.  At its sole discretion, TSC Hurricane grants the following rights to use and display the logo according to the guidelines contained within this Policy.


TSC Hurricane member teams may not, and shall not, register any name, logo, trademark, indicia, brand name, service mark, or any other mark that is: (i) identical or similar to the Marks; or (ii) which infers any relationship or affiliation with TSC Hurricane. 



No TSC Hurricane member team may produce or sell any item featuring the logo without the advanced written approval of the Executive Director of TSC Hurricane, which may be withheld for any reason. TSC Hurricane will consider granting limited rights to use the logo in fundraising merchandising efforts by a TSC Hurricane team upon submission of the proposed usage of the logo according to the process set forth below, and according to such terms as may be determined by TSC Hurricane at its sole discretion for such usage. The following process shall be followed for approval of merchandising containing the logo:

1. The TSC Hurricane team shall submit complete materials with the plan for the usage of the logo, (including location of the proposed logo and the quantity of item produced), to TSC Hurricane.

2. TSC Hurricane shall review the proposed use and will respond in writing to the TSC Hurricane team with approval or rejection within 10 days. If TSC Hurricane does not respond during this time period, the use shall be considered rejected.


Marketing Guidelines:

Consistency of use and marketing of the TSC Hurricane brand is of utmost importance to the growth and development of TSC Hurricane. As such, the following guidelines are mandatory for all TSC Hurricane Members:

1. The game jerseys of each player competing in TSC Hurricane must wear the official club uniforms and they may not be altered in anyway.  

2. Use of the TSC Hurricane logo and brand on social media or websites (other than the official team pages) must also have approval prior to their use.

3. Warm ups, bags and official training jerseys must also be approved official gear as declared by TSC Hurricane.  Any gear bearing the TSC Hurricane logo MUST be submitted for approval in writing BEFORE any permission will be considered.

4.     All logowear must be purchased from the Official Logowear store on our site or from Mac's Soccer Shack.


Except as expressly provided within this Policy or in a separate writing signed by the Executive Director or DOC for TSC Hurricane, no right to use the TSC Hurricane brand or logo in any way is granted to any TSC Hurricane member or to any third party.  No ownership in the TSC Hurricane brand or logo is granted to any TSC Hurricane member or any third party.


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