Marc Hansen

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Marc Hansen grew up in Norman OK playing soccer from the age of 9 to his senior year in high school in 1994. Due to knee issues, never played again after graduation. He and his family moved to the Collinsville area in 2007. Eventually the love of the game brought him back to it in 2008. He decided to start coaching after his son started at the age of 5. He's been coaching the youth and playing a little in adult leagues ever since. In 2010, knowing he wanted more for the kids he coached, Marc went the National Youth Course, held in Owasso and received his licensed shortly after. From then on he's coached kids from the ages 3 to high school, at Rec and competitive level. Marc was the president of Collinsville Soccer Club from 2009 to 2012. He knew he wanted to Coach and have his players be at another level. After leaving Collinsville, he joined TSC in the fall of 2013.The 06 Girls teams he has been coaching since then, have finished in 14 finals at Academy Tournaments. 10 Champions and 4 Finalist. They have been successful in the sport and progressed at a high level under his guidance.

He bases his training on team cohesiveness, basics and constant movement.

 "Soccer is the biggest game of keep away and Chess all in one. You want the ball,  get the other guy off balance, out of position and then make your move and score." 
" A Great Player Is Nothing Without A Good Team " Anonymous